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EPIS 2020

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Discover more about EPIS 2020

In the light of the COVID-19 pandemic, this year’s EPIS will be a fully online event held in November and preceded by two webinars in October. The over-arching theme for this year’s EPIS will be:

Patients in a digital world: making the most of new opportunities for engagement arising from COVID-19.

Digital engagement in healthcare is all about harnessing the power of digital channels and technologies to improve patients’ lives, and the healthcare systems and services they use.

Some digital engagement solutions enable interactions between patients and healthcare professionals, patient organisations, or other patients. Online forums, remote consultations, blog posts, online surveys, virtual meetings, and crowdsourcing funds are all good examples of this kind of digital engagement.

In other instances, patients may interact directly with an app or technology; for example, completing digital clinical assessments, scheduling medical appointments, tracking symptoms and side effects with smart devices, or requesting assistance from a health chat-bot.

While these digital solutions provide many benefits to patients, there are still difficulties and challenges associated with them. For example, not everyone may be able to access solutions, and by having remote consultations between doctors and patients there is an element of human interaction that is lost.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, governments and health services around the world have recommended social distancing to protect people from the risk of infection, particularly for individuals in high-risk categories. These social distancing measures, and the requisition of many hospitals and clinics for COVID-19 patients, have led to necessary changes in healthcare provision away from the typical face-to-face system.

In response, patients’ reliance on digital engagement solutions for their healthcare needs has increased.

At EPIS 2020, participants will explore the challenges and benefits of increased digital engagement for patients and healthcare providers and will seek to understand any lasting implications of these changes.

We look forward to welcoming you at EPIS 2020 and hearing your insights.

Getting involved

The objectives of this year’s EPIS will be to:

Share learnings from patients’ experiences of engaging digitally during the COVID-19 pandemic

Agree on the most important benefits and challenges for patients associated with digital engagement

Make recommendations on how patients can continue to benefit from digital engagement and ways to address the key challenges faced with this form of engagement

If you are a patient organisation interested in attending EPIS 2020, please let us know at:

EPIS 2020 agenda

The meetings will be a mixture of presentations, panel discussions, interactive sessions, breakouts and networking sessions with the aim to build on the consensus from previous EPIS recommendations in this COVID-19 pandemic era. For an overview of the agenda please download here: