Position Paper

The EPIS position paper is important because it is a collective, united guideline written by patients themselves, teaching the healthcare world how patients should be treated and regarded. It has great potential to become the ultimate tool setting a standard amongst stakeholders on how modern healthcare developments should be made. Moreover, its potential comes not only from the fact that it is brought together by some of the most active and credible patient leaders in Europe but also supported with data gathered from more than 150 patients from all around Europe.

Dr. Stanimir Hasurdjiev, National Patients‘ Organisation Bulgaria

Position Paper

In 2018, the EPIS community agreed on a set of recommendations to address the key factors that have prevented patients from truly benefitting from digital health solutions. These recommendations are summarised in the EPIS Position Paper on Digital Health from a Patient Perspective.

Patients’ position on digital health

There is a need to build an evidence base to demonstrate the impact of new technologies on patients’ health and wellbeing

Patients should be involved in all stages of the development of digital technology aimed at empowering them

Patients with chronic conditions, regardless of their digital literacy, economic level, education or disabilities, should have access to technologies that improve their health and wellbeing

Patients’ concerns about digital technologies (e.g. security and data protection) need to be addressed to encourage their use

Healthcare professionals need to be aware of digital technologies, to see their value for patients, and encouraged to use them

Multi-stakeholder and industry alliances should be established to avoid duplication and ensure patient relevant digital technologies are developed in an efficient and effective way

About the EPIS Position Paper

The Position Paper was generated following EPIS 2018. Patient representatives from across Europe voted on a series of recommendations to transform development and uptake of digital health solutions – with the goal of benefiting patient wellbeing.

  • >250 Patient advocates
  • 13 European hubs
  • 2 way connectivity and live-streaming
  • Presentations, breakouts and consensus-building

EPIS community in action


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